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5 Bottles of Gin to Collect From Around the World

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If, like everyone else at the moment, you’re a gin drinker, you’re almost certainly reaping the whirlwind of the current market. If you’re not yet, this is a great time to exploring the world of gin and get ahead of the curve.

Many of these distillers, not hampered by tradition, yet using traditional methods, foraging, or utilising locally sourced, seasonal ingredients are making one-off taste profiles contemplative of their regional birthplace.

Nikka Coffey Gin

Miyagikyo, Japan

The worldwide demand for whisky from Japan shows no signs of dwindling and well known distillers are leaping into the market. 

Nikka Coffey, famous for its range of wonderful whiskies, has released a gin, which includes Asian citrus fruits of yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu, and shikuwasa, spiced with sansho pepper.


Speyside, Scotland

Several distillers in Scotland are courting an interest in gin. Caorunn infuses five locally foraged botanicals: Rowan berry, heather, Coul Blush apple coul blush apple, a sweet dessert apple with a yellow skin, dandelion and bog myrtle. 

All of these ingredients are foraged from a boreal forest sited in the Cairngorms National Park, only a brisk walk from the whisky distillery at Balmenach, where Caorunn is made.

Himbrimi Old Tom

Reykjavik, Iceland

Óskar Ericsson, a passionate fisherman, gathers riverside flora, such as lavender-like angelica flowers and arctic thyme for this recipe and the addition of locally sourced honey in this Old Tom expression offers a touch of sweetness to this complex, floral spirit.

Inverroche “Verdant” Gin

Western Cape, South Africa

The Cape Floral region, in South Africa is an indigenous botanical kingdom recognized for its amazing and dense diversity, and found here is a scrub-like flora called Fynbos. 

Inverroche, one of the country’s first artisan gin producers, hand-harvests Fynbos, to distil and infuse their “Verdant” expression. The result is a pale green coloured gin, with a fresh, floral and earthy profile.

Kimerud Gin

Tranby, Norway

Norse for hillside, Kimerud, originates from a rural farm distillery near Lier, an area well known for its fruit, berries, vegetables, and flowers and which provides clean growing conditions for many of the 22 botanicals used by Ståle Johnsen’s the master gin distiller at the family owned distillery which is built on Kimerud Farm, and dates back to 1785. 

Some botanicals bud right on the farm; others, require the scaling of cliffs, which, like a Norse god, Ståle himself does. After distillation, only pure Norwegian mountain water is added.

If you'd like to learn more about our wide selection of gins available, browse for yourself and find out what gin suits you best.