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The Gin That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

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Delightfully sweet and floral and created by the magicians at the Manchester distillers, Zymurgorium, this divine innovation is made with sweet violets to craft a particularly pastel tingle on your taste buds. Sweet Violets were allegedly a gift from Zeus the king of the gods of the Greek dodecatheon as a comfort to Io who he turned into a heifer in order to seduce her and save himself from Hera’s wrath!

Few flowers symbolise spring, and the idea of love, as much as the violet, there beautiful, fragrant petals have a hidden history for their uses in, food, drink, and medicine as well as their connections to love and sex.

Made in Manchester’s first Gin distillery, sweet violet gin has a very distinctive sweet, pastelly taste and a strong perfume. When drank it can be used exactly like Crème de Violette, although with the addition of over 20 other botanicals, it is just as good on its own; with lemonade, mixed with ice cream or even in cakes and biscuits!

You might be asking what all this fuss around sweet violets is about, this gin liqueur, you see, is delightfully evocative of Parma Violets. The purple sweets from childhood, nostalgic and notable for their perfumed taste.

Creator Aaron Darke’s childhood memories are certainly a key source of inspiration for this invention as are the UK-based distiller’s faithful wish to incorporate his love of nature, culture and science into his creations, which may help explain the name Zymurgorium (the area of applied science related to fermentation) but also a very special cocktail associated with this drink called the Stratospheric Aviator.

If you fancy making yourself a suitably purple cocktail, simply combine:

1-Part Zymurgorium Manchester Gin

2-parts Violet Gin

1-Part Kirsch Liqueur in a glass.

Garnish with 3-glace cherries on a cocktail stick and make sure you add some crushed ice to your Martini glass.

Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin is available from Hops and Barley now for £24.95, cheaper than Amazon.