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Delivery & supply

Supply and Delivery

Supply & Delivery

Because Hops and Barley provide a complete wrap-around service from support colleagues at our depot who take your purchase order, the picking team in the warehouse, or Hops & Barley’s delivery guys dropping off your order, everyone at Hops and Barley does their utmost to make sure your business gets the most consistent customer service experience possible.



Hops and Barley provide an incredible 4000+ choice of product lines including draught and bottled beers, choices of bottled ciders alongside draughts, spirits, wine lines, carbonated and non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverages and RTDs.

And if that isn’t enough and for some bizarre reason Hops & Barley don’t have the product you need, the Supply team will work non-stop to make sure that it’s sourced and made available for your business. Due to the versatile and flexible nature of our systems, we can take on the spot decisions and service requirements that match your exacting standards.

In addition this means Hops and Barley are able to provide you with every product you need in a single order; without the hassle of using multiple companies, simplifying the chain process. This streamlines your ordering process, saving you time and money, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business.



Hops & Barley is the new name for a company with a long history in the wholesale drinks business. We are a key partner with all of the major drinks brands, and many niche producers both local and from around the world and as such have built up an extensive distribution network. We cover Wales and the North of England, with our system operating 7 days a week, with a same day delivery option! In areas where that isn’t possible, we guarantee next day delivery. Which means your business gets the items you want, in the quickest time possible.

All of this is made possible because of the commitment of our delivery drivers.