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 Hops & Barley Training

Whether you are looking for training support to aid and grow the poise or self-reliance of your employees or you need support for your marketing to make sure you have the right product and understanding of the industry to help your business grow, here at Hops and Barley we understand the perils and pitfalls through long-established custom and practice based knowledge, which is why we offer services that support.

Product Training

Knowledge of your merchandise is fundamental when it comes to growing sales; developing staff with the right knowledge means that they can give advice with more confidence. Hops and Barley offer training on all our products, including in depth training on Wines, Beers and Cask Ales.

Cask Ale Training

Here at Hops and Barley we are authorities in cask ale and we inspire our teams to share this knowledge. Whether that is the initial handling of the beer in the cask, or the perfect method of pouring it into a glass, Hops and Barley’s devoted cask ale team are able to call to you on location and make sure that every pint is a consistent and quality product. Additionally, Hops and Barley has cask ale team members who are there to help you choose which ales complement your enterprise and fulfill your customers’ needs.


Wine Training

Wine is so much more pleasurable when it is decanted by someone who is an expert and self-assured in their craft. While you don’t have to be a time-served sommelier, having a strong understanding of viniculture will give you surety in the product and allow you to communicate that successfully to your customers. Hops and Barley therefore offer a range of wine training, from a basic grasp to all-embracing courses. Whether it’s recognising one wine producing region from another, differing grape varieties, or how to complement precise wines with precise dishes, Hops and Barley has it covered. All of this is free of charge and designed to enhance sales and improve service. Moreover, Hops and Barley employ wine expansion managers whose purpose is to help you design your wine lists, to suit both yours and your customers' requirements.

Cocktail Training

Cocktails are a burgeoning market and having knowledge of some of the essential basics can give your staff the self-assurance that would make a visit to your business a worthwhile event. Our mixologists will share the mysteries of how to handcraft cocktails expertly, while informing you of the optimum spirit and combined with the fresh ingredient mixtures that are designed to get your customers begging for more. We also able to provide eye-catching presentation ideas for customers, encouraging them to keep on spending.