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San Miguel 0% 20ltr

San Miguel 0,0, a pilsner-style alcohol-free lager imported from Spain. Defying the notion that alcohol-free means flavor-free, San Miguel 0,0 invites you to discover its rich and satisfying flavors, ensuring a delightful drinking experience.

This alcohol-free lager is a testament to the belief that great taste shouldn’t be compromised. Bursting with the richness of finely roasted barley malts, San Miguel 0,0 offers a smooth and balanced flavor profile that culminates in a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. The malty notes of barley contribute to a subtle roasted flavor, perfectly complemented by a well-balanced bitterness, delivering the satisfaction of a great beer refreshment.


Originally introduced to the lucky Spanish drinkers in 2001, San Miguel 0,0 has become a favorite, and now, you too can enjoy its flavors. With just 80 calories in a 330ml bottle, this alcohol-free beer allows you to keep reaching for more tapas without compromising on taste.


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