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Ælred Melonade 70cl

Introducing Ælred Melonade, the ultimate summer aperitif crafted from the rare Melon de Cavaillon, capturing the essence of Provence’s abundant sunshine in every sip.

Straight from the southeast of France, Ælred Melonade is a refreshing delight centred around the exquisite Melon de Cavaillon. Renowned for its unparalleled sweetness and floral aroma, this melon hails from Cavaillon, the undisputed melon capital of France.Imagine small cantaloupes bursting with flavour, their rich orange flesh a testament to the region’s dedication to quality. Perfect for cocktails, spritzes, or even drizzling over a fruit salad for an extra touch of sweetness, Ælred Melonade adds a burst of sunshine to any occasion.


Did you know that French author Alexandre Dumas traded copies of his writings for 12 Melon de Cavaillon per year for life? That’s around 300 to 400 volumes of literary greatness exchanged for the sweetness of Provence’s prized fruit.With its light finish and all-natural ingredients, Ælred Melonade is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Crafted from carefully selected melons, this liqueur offers the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, enhancing any cocktail with its pale yellow to pale orange hue.Not only is this treat easy on the palate, but its 70cl bottle makes it perfect for sharing with friends and family. So, elevate every moment with Ælred Melonade, the quintessential summer indulgence.


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