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Beavertown Lunar Haze 30L

Embark on a cosmic journey of flavor with Beavertown Lunar Haze, a 30-Liter keg of pure celestial delight, now available at Hops and Barley. This Easy Drinking, Tropically Hoppy, Moon Dust Cloud of an IPA is designed for those who appreciate big, juicy, and effortlessly drinkable beers, no matter the conditions. Crafted with passion, Lunar Haze is your ticket to an interstellar fiesta of tropical, hazy goodness, boasting a modest 4.5% ABV.

Why Lunar Haze?

At Beavertown, we believe in the harmony of big, tropical, hazy IPAs and session beers. Lunar Haze is our homage to this perfect balance, offering an IPA experience that’s as easy-drinking as it is tropically hoppy. We come in peace, pints, and cans, ready to share the joy of Lunar Haze with beer enthusiasts who appreciate a moon dust cloud of flavor.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Dive into a mesmerizing world of Hazy Pale Gold.
  • Aroma: Let your senses dance with Tropical Passionfruit, Lemon Citrus, and a Hint of Peach.
  • Taste: Experience the ripe richness of Passionfruit and Sweet Peach, followed by a Cloudy Lemon Finish.

Why Lunar Haze is Out of This World

  • Effortlessly Drinkable: With a modest 4.5% ABV, Lunar Haze is your go-to beer for any occasion, delivering an easy-drinking experience without compromising on flavor.
  • Juicy Flavor Explosion: Immerse yourself in the juicy world of Lunar Haze, where big hoppy notes meet the refreshing allure of tropical fruits.
  • Crafted for Session Enjoyment: Lunar Haze bridges the gap between big, bold IPAs and session beers, ensuring you can savor every sip without overwhelming your palate.

More About the Brew

Lunar Haze is not just a beer; it’s an experience. The hazy pale gold appearance sets the stage for a visual journey, while the tropical aroma of passionfruit, lemon citrus, and a hint of peach captivates the senses. The taste journey unfolds with the ripe richness of passionfruit and sweet peach, culminating in a cloudy lemon finish that leaves you craving more.

As you settle in with Lunar Haze, you’re embracing a cosmic celebration of flavor and craftsmanship. At Beavertown, we believe in delivering beers that go beyond expectations, and Lunar Haze is no exception. Order your 30-Liter keg from Hops and Barley and experience the lunar magic for yourself. Cheers to cosmic brews and celestial moments!


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