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Birra Moretti – Sale Di Mare 30ltr Keg

Birra Moretti Sale di Mare brings the essence of the Italian coast to your glass, offering a medium-bodied premium lager with a 4.8% ABV. Infused with Italian sea salt, this refreshing brew captures the taste of the Mediterranean, perfect for any occasion or celebration. Crafted with care and passion, Birra Moretti Sale di Mare is an ode to Italian craftsmanship, delivering an unfiltered taste experience that embodies the spirit of authentic Italy.

Derived from the Italian phrase “sah-lay dee mah-ray,” this lager is a testament to Italian heritage and tradition. Its slightly hazy appearance reflects its unfiltered nature, while the infusion of extra hops lends it a fuller flavor profile. With herbal notes of citrus and pine, Birra Moretti Sale di Mare offers a refreshing taste enhanced by a hint of Italian sea salt, culminating in a smooth and rounded finish. Whether enjoyed as an aperitivo or paired with a meal, this beer promises to elevate any dining experience.


The unique taste profile of Birra Moretti Sale di Mare makes it an ideal companion for a variety of Italian seafood dishes inspired by the coast. From aromatic mussel dishes like Cozze alla Tarantina to creamy Mushroom Risotto topped with Parmigiano Reggiano, there’s no shortage of culinary delights to explore. Embrace the art of beer and Italian cuisine by indulging in the perfect pairing, creating a harmonious taste experience that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Explore our curated selection of recipes and elevate your dining experience with Birra Moretti Sale di Mare.


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