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Boddingtons Draught 30ltr

“The Cream of Manchester,” is a classic English beer that has earned its reputation as a beloved icon in the world of British brewing. This beer has a rich history dating back to 1778, and it has consistently satisfied the palates of beer enthusiasts with its unique and distinctive characteristics. Boddington’s Bitter is celebrated for its smooth and creamy texture, a hallmark of its distinct style. This beer is a pale ale, known for its mild, approachable bitterness and a delightful balance of flavors. It offers a slightly sweet, malty taste, which is complemented by a gentle hoppy bitterness. The creamy head, which lasts until the last drop, adds a velvety dimension to the overall experience. The harmonious combination of flavors and the luxurious mouthfeel make Boddington’s Bitter a beer of choice for those seeking a more sophisticated and well-rounded drinking experience.


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