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Costa Cruz Red Tempranillo & Shiraz 75cl

Costa Cruz Red Tempranillo & Shiraz 75cl, a premium blend of full and fruity grapes that captivates the senses. Produced by Bodegas Lozano, the largest privately owned and family-run Bodega in Spain and the 5th largest overall, Costa Cruz is renowned for its commitment to quality winemaking.

This particular label, Costa Cruz Tinto, is a distinguished offering from La Mancha, showcasing a blend of both traditional Spanish and ‘international’ grape varietals. The harmonious combination of Shiraz and Tempranillo grapes results in a full-bodied red wine with a soft and rounded Tempranillo style. The addition of 20% Shiraz contributes to extra depth, bringing dark berries to the forefront and culminating in a mellow and delicious finish.


With an alcohol content of 13% and a vintage of 2018, Costa Cruz Tinto is a testament to craftsmanship and tradition. The wine is presented with a screw cap, making it convenient for easy access. Additionally, it caters to a broader audience as it is labeled as both vegan and vegetarian-friendly.


Unveil the layers of flavor within Costa Cruz Red Tempranillo & Shiraz, and savor the artistry and dedication that go into crafting this premium blend from one of Spain’s foremost winemaking estates.


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