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Cut to the Smoked Rum 70cl

Experience the bold and authentic flavors of Cut Rum’s naturally infused smoked rum – a testament to providing “Real Rum for Real People.”


Crafted with precision, Worthy Park Estate Jamaican rum takes center stage in this exceptional creation. The rum is meticulously infused with arabica coffee beans and an American oak chip smoke condensate. The result is a harmonious blend that undergoes further refinement, filtered through the rum and left to rest in oak barrels for an impressive three years.


The profile of this smoked rum is deep and rich, offering a symphony of notes that include leather, tobacco, and sweet oak wood. Accentuating this complexity are hints of coffee, indulgent dark chocolate, and vanilla, which culminate in a beautifully smooth finish that lingers on the palate.


“All smoke and no mirrors” perfectly encapsulates the transparency and authenticity of Cut Rum’s smoked offering. This isn’t just a drink; it’s a crafted experience that stays true to the essence of real rum. From the infusion process to the oak barrel aging, every step contributes to the unique and genuine character of this smoked rum.


For those who appreciate depth and sophistication in their spirits, Cut Rum’s naturally infused smoked rum offers a distinctive and memorable journey. Sip, savor, and appreciate the artistry that goes into creating a rum that speaks to the authenticity of both the craft and the people who enjoy it.


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