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Founders Stone Pinot Grigio 75cl

Thank you for providing such a detailed description of the Founders Stone Pinot Grigio NV. It sounds like a delightful wine, perfect for those looking for a crisp and refreshing option with lively citrus and green apple flavors. The added complexity from the subtle floral notes in the aroma adds an inviting touch to the overall experience. The pale lemon color is in line with the expected appearance of Pinot Grigio wines.

The clean and crisp palate, coupled with the long-lasting finish, promises a memorable taste sensation. The versatility in food pairings, from enjoying it on its own to complementing fish dishes and white meats, makes it a flexible choice for various dining occasions.

The fact that it is vegan-friendly will be appreciated by those who adhere to a plant-based diet, and the 13% ABV is within the moderate range commonly found in many wines. Overall, this Pinot Grigio seems like an excellent option for those seeking an easy-drinking, food-friendly, and flavorful wine.

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