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Kalinska Vanilla Vodka 70cl

Crafted in England, Kalinska Vanilla Flavored Vodka presents a delightful deviation from the norm. Infused with the warm, inviting essence of vanilla, this vodka boasts a unique flavor profile that embodies the spirit of English craftsmanship. Made from molasses, it carries a distinct sweetness that perfectly complements the rich, smooth notes of vanilla. Ideal for mixing, it is tailored for creating exquisite long drinks and cocktails that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Elevate your libation experience with Kalinska Vanilla Flavored Vodka, a tasteful fusion of classic elegance and innovative flavor. Whether sipped on the rocks or used as the star ingredient in your favorite concoctions, Kalinska Vanilla Flavored Vodka promises a journey of delightful indulgence.


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