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Nohrlund Organic Cocktails – Mojito 12x175ml

Introducing Nohrlund Organic Cocktails – MOJITO, the perfect blend of refreshing mint and zesty lime, all in a convenient ready-to-pour bottle. No need to fuss with mixing – simply pour over ice and enjoy!

Originating from the lively bars of Havana, the Mojito has become a beloved classic worldwide. Our take on this iconic cocktail captures the essence of the original, with a delightful effervescence and the crisp tang of lime complemented by the subtle sweetness of cane sugar. Just add a sprig of fresh mint to a tall glass for the ultimate presentation.


Crafted with organic ingredients including light rum, mint, sugar, water, and lime, our Mojito offers a guilt-free indulgence that’s perfect for any occasion. With an alcohol content of 7.5%, it’s the ideal choice for those seeking a light and refreshing cocktail experience. Cheers to easy enjoyment with Nohrlund Organic Cocktails – MOJITO!


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