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Old Speckled Hen 11gls

This iconic ale presents a distinctive and robust malty taste, a symphony of toffee character, and a delightful smoothness that captivates the palate. The aromatic profile is a harmonious blend of malty sweetness, toffee richness, and subtle roasted notes, creating an inviting olfactory experience.

The taste of Old Speckled Hen is a journey through warmth, fruitiness, and a lingering malty toffee essence. Crafted with a combination of Pale and Crystal malts, the beer achieves a perfect balance that defines its character. The carefully selected blend of hops, including Admiral, Pilgrim, First Gold, and Goldings, contributes to the ale’s complexity, adding layers of flavor to the overall profile.


Old Speckled Hen is the ideal companion for tasteful, quality British foods, making it a perfect match for premium pies, savory gravies, succulent sausages, and laid-back weekend BBQs. Elevate your dessert experience by pairing it with a classic Sticky Toffee Pudding, enhancing the indulgence of this iconic ale.


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