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Rosa Blanca 30ltr

Introducing Rosa Blanca in a 30-litre format, a new offering from the esteemed Spanish brewery Damm. This lager, with its roots dating back to 1927 in Mallorca, embodies a crisp and refreshing profile with a characteristic hint of citrus. Originally boasting a 4.8% ABV in Spain, Rosa Blanca has been reformulated at 3.4% ABV for the UK market, providing a lighter yet equally flavorful option. Crafted with the traditional ingredients of barley malt, maize, rice, and hops, this well-balanced beer exhibits a creamy texture with subtle notes of lightly roasted cereals.

Brewed with meticulous care and a nod to tradition, Rosa Blanca undergoes a unique brewing process. During maturation, Citra hops are introduced, contributing fruity aromas and citrus notes to the brew without imparting any bitterness. The result is a harmonious fusion of time-honored brewing techniques and modern flavor exploration. Stay tuned for the launch of Rosa Blanca in the UK next month, and experience the allure of this finely crafted lager that transports you to the sun-soaked shores of Mallorca.


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