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Santa Teresa 1796 Rum 40% 70CL

Santa Teresa 1796 is the embodiment of time-honored craftsmanship, made using the revered solera method, famous for its use in Spanish sherry production. This exceptional spirit is a blend of rums aged for a remarkable span of five to 35 years, resulting in a liquid symphony of complexity and character. With a smooth, dry, and impeccably balanced profile, Santa Teresa 1796 is an invitation to savor the art of sipping. Whether enjoyed neat, where the depth of flavor unfolds with each contemplative sip, or as the star of an Old Fashioned, where its rich, aromatic presence takes center stage, this rum promises an experience of rare quality. Santa Teresa 1796 is not just a spirit; it’s a testament to the mastery of aging and blending, a celebration of the passage of time, and an ode to the art of refinement. Cheers to a rum that transcends the ordinary and delivers an extraordinary taste of tradition and elegance.


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