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Somersby 24 x 440ml Cans

Crafted with precision and care, Somersby Apple Cider embodies a refreshing taste that sets it apart. Each sip is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a cider that delights the senses with its crispness and invigorating flavor. More than just a beverage, Somersby cider is a symbol of optimism, meant to be shared among friends, family, and even the occasional acquaintance.

At Somersby, we believe in the power of cider to foster connection and spread positivity. With every glass, we aim to create moments of joy and camaraderie, enriching lives one sip at a time. Our cold-filtered cider delivers a burst of apple goodness, leaving behind a trail of genuine refreshment with every taste.


Hailing from the scenic orchards of Herefordshire, Somersby Apple Cider is a testament to the rich tradition of cider-making in the region. Each bottle carries the essence of the land, infused with the natural sweetness and vibrancy of freshly picked apples. Join us in raising a glass to moments of togetherness and the simple pleasure of enjoying a crisp, delicious cider.


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