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Strongbow Cider 11gls

Indulge in the nation’s favourite cider with Strongbow Original, now available in 11-Gallon Kegs from Hops and Barley. Crafted to perfection, this thirst-quenching delight is characterized by a blend of bittersweet cider apples, meticulously grown and pressed in the orchards of Herefordshire. Strongbow Original is renowned for its sharp and tangy profile, culminating in a dry finish that delivers the ultimate cut-through refreshment.


What sets Strongbow Original apart is its commitment to natural goodness—no artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colours. The unique taste of this cider is a result of the carefully curated blend of bittersweet cider apples, a tradition rooted in Herefordshire’s rich orchard heritage.


Join the legacy of refreshment that began in 1960, as Strongbow has been refreshing the nation for over six decades. Proudly holding the title of the number 1 UK cider brand, Strongbow utilizes 1 billion bittersweet apples, contributing to 25% of all apples grown in the UK. From orchard to can, every step of the process happens in and around Herefordshire.


As a brand committed to sustainability, Strongbow has reduced its emissions by an impressive 68% since 2008, ensuring that you can enjoy your cider guilt-free. With the unmistakable taste of Strongbow Original, the 11-Gallon Keg promises unbeatable refreshment for your gatherings, events, or simply to savor at your own pace.


Elevate your cider experience with the crispness, sharpness, and unbeatable refreshment of Strongbow Original—order your 11-Gallon Keg from Hops and Barley and be part of a tradition that has stood the test of time.



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