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Tequila 38 Blanco 70cl

Tequila 38 Blanco, masterfully created by Destiler?as Espronceda in the heart of Jalisco, with its crisp and agave-forward flavour profile, it’s the ultimate answer to your mixing needs. Whether you’re crafting a refreshing frozen Margarita on a hot summer’s day or simply enjoying a classic Tequila and soda, this versatile Blanco Tequila is your trusty sidekick, and a must-have in your drinks cupboard. With each pour, you’ll discover the true essence of Tequila, a fresh and invigorating taste that adds zest to your favourite cocktails. Tequila 38 Blanco is the key to unlocking the world of mixed drinks and a sure-fire way to elevate your bartending game. So, keep it on hand and get ready to shake, stir, and sip your way to mixing perfection.


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