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Tequila 38 Strawberry 70cl

Tequila 38 Strawberry Cream Liqueur is a delicious fusion of genuine Mexican tequila, velvety cream, and the essence of fresh strawberries. This luxurious blend captures the essence of Mexico’s vibrant flavors and offers a delectable treat for your taste buds.

Enjoy straight, over ice, or as a delightful addition to your favorite cocktails. With each sip, you’ll be transported to sun-kissed orchards where the sweetness of ripe strawberries intertwines with the warmth of Mexican tequila, creating a symphony of flavor that’s both luxurious and indulgent. Whether you’re in the mood for an evening treat or looking to add a burst of strawberry sweetness to your cocktails, this liqueur promises a taste of Mexico’s finest, delivered in a velvety embrace. So, raise your glass and celebrate the harmony of Tequila 38 Strawberry Cream Liqueur?a Mexican masterpiece in a bottle.


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