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Thwaites Smooth 11gls

Thwaites stands out as one of the select brewers daring to craft a truly smooth mild, and in our humble opinion, they’ve truly excelled. Building upon the foundation of their award-winning Dark Mild, Thwaites Dark Smooth emerges as the refreshingly cool alternative, boasting an alluring creamy head and a depth of flavor that demands your appreciation.

This brew is an invitation to savor a richness that’s second to none. With each pour, you’re greeted by the inviting embrace of a creamy head, a trademark of Thwaites Dark Smooth, setting the stage for a truly indulgent experience. This is a testament to the art of brewing, where tradition meets innovation, and where the mastery of flavor results in a mild that’s more than just a drink?it’s a celebration of richness, smoothness, and all that’s delightful in a pint. So, raise your glass and toast to Thwaites Dark Smooth, where a silky journey awaits.


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